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My training cycle is quite simple. I workout four days a week Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri. Sometimes that varies, like sometimes I will train five days a week only if I feel that I am lacking on a body part. My training cycle is going to turn out like this:

Monday: Deadlifts or assistance and Back
Tuesday: Chest and Shoulders
Thursday: I just Train Legs
Friday: Bench assistance and Arms

   It is a very simple training cycle. I try not to spend to much time in the gym.  I do train my calves and abs everyday, that's  if I have a chance. I do feel that strong calves and abs are very important when it comes to powerlifting or any other kind of sport.

For my Back training on one week ill do my heavy deadlifts, heavy good mornings, and then I do a regular back workout, such as pull downs, seated rows, barbell rows, etc. On the second week its just really an assistance day for deadlifts, ill do rack pulls for sets of low reps just so I can help my lockout, reverse hypers-I kinda do a moderate weight with these; its not that light and its not that heavy just good enough that will get me sore, and some speed work-I usually do about 8 sets of 2 reps with like 30 seconds of rest between sets.. Im also gonna try doing some Power Cleans for some speed work, im just not sure on the reps and sets.

On my bench press, which is now making alot of progress, and I finally hit the 500lb bench club. I do have my heavy and light days. My reps are usually in the triple or double range on my heavy days . When I bench light I like to go up to about 10-12 reps maybe even higher. My hand placement is pinky finger on the power ring.  When I compete I place my ring finger on the power ring. After my bench workouts ill go on to a regular chest routine, example: DB fly's, incline presses, DB presses etc. On my assistance bench work ill do board presses, or some type of lockout. And then ill hit my triceps and biceps hard.

My squat is very simple. I place the bar kinda high but that's where I am  comfortable. My feet are past shoulder width, and I always squat parallel in my squat training. For speed work I like to do 4 sets of 5 with 30 seconds of rest between sets, for every rep I sit at the bottom for 2-3 seconds and explode too lockout. When IM done I go on to the rest of my leg exercises.